Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jason Wu for Target (A Review, Sort of...)

I don't normally follow designer/store collaborations but when I saw ads for the Jason Wu for Target collection I thought I'd check it out. I'd read about the Missoni/Target fiasco a few months back & on the day this collection was set to launch, I frequently checked Twitter & the Target Style Facebook page to get an idea of what time items would be available online. I wasn't infuriated like some shoppers were, complaining about Target's lack of communication about the specific time of the launch but I knew that items would probably sell out pretty quickly so I waited until midnight. When the online store still hadn't launched the line, I went to bed as usual.

At 4 I woke up (thanks to chugging a ton of water that night) & lo and behold, Jason Wu was up & running but selling out of my sizes quickly. I ordered the pleated navy polka dot shift dress & the pleated shift dress in blush stripes, both size medium. The item that I really wanted was the black pleated skirt, but no dice. I would have ordered more, but I wanted to check out the quality of the material first. There is a Target in my town, but it's a smaller store that doesn't usually get the same items as stores in larger cities. That's the chance I was going to take. Danger is my middle name. Plus, I'm not too keen on polyester but that's all I seem to be able to find in stores these days. (That is one reason why I haven't bought many new clothes in the past year or so.)

In the morning I went to my local store around 10:30 to find a few of the blush dress, one of the sweaters, the sleeveless navy floral top with the sheer panel, & the blouse with tie in blush dots. After reading some shoppers' posts that the line ran big, I purchased the navy floral top & the blush dots top in size small. Target was a ghost town, except for the one other female looking at the Jason Wu rack talking on her cell phone about it. She'd apparently driven to our store because the one in her town had sold out of everything at 9 & she was tempted to "write a letter full of the 'f' word."

The blush dots blouse is cute, but since it's 100% polyester I questioned how much I would wear it in the spring and summer months. It was a little baggy everywhere except for the sleeves. If I wanted to wear it I would have to unfasten the button closures. That top was going to be returned. While the navy floral shirt is also polyester, it's sleeveless & the sheer panel at the top will help with the hot factor. The small size fit nicely. It was too bad the store was out of the matching pleated skirt.

It was nearly a week before the two dresses I ordered arrived in two separate shipments. The blush stripes dress swallowed me whole, so I had to return it. A few days later the navy blue dress came, but I'm going to keep it. While a small would have fit better, I'm going to make the medium work because I love the design.

In the meantime Target's site had re-stocked some of the skirts to match the navy floral top, so I ordered one.

Overall, the prices & quality in this collection were fair for Target. The material of the items I tried on was thin, but not very breatheable. Polyester, in my experience, unravels & "picks" more easily than cotton blend fabric so these clothes might last a few seasons if I'm careful.

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