Monday, February 13, 2012

The Blogger That Didn't Blog

I had such high hopes for this blog when I started the account. I had tons of ideas & things to talk about but when I actually got the chance to write my mind went blank, which was shocking since I used to write "blogs" on Myspace all the time. I used to write a zine which people all over the country (and apparently in other countries) used to read, divulging all sorts of secrets with people I'd never met and would most likely never meet. I think that anonymity was key to getting past or avoiding any writer's block.

Then I found Tumblr, which is great because smart phones have destroyed what little attention span I had. I could "reblog" pretty pictures of skulls, fashion, hair, castles, or whatever. It's nice to have a distraction from stressors, so I can't complain but so much. This has been one of the worst school years in my 12 years of teaching. It started out with me showing up for the first day of work & learning (for certain) that my room was being changed. Nothing had been packed since no one told me about the move. I was told that administration actually told our dept. chairs not to tell us we were being moved. (I wasn't the only one who went through this.) I had two days to pack & move all those years' worth of books, cabinets, & equipment across campus to a much smaller room. The smaller room was also an issue because I have claustrophobia and I teach special education, so many of my students also have proximity issues. The teacher in this room previously was the dept. chair, so she could control how many students she had. On top of the endless paperwork & duties associated with managing a caseload (with many students that I never see), I was assigned two very nice assistants who have their own issues. I have to find things for one of them to copy all the time or else she sleeps or has her back to the students while checking her email. She's even drifts off while checking her email. So while I'm trying to keep students awake who are using the unnamed computer program instead of direct instruction (another issue), I'm also trying to keep the assistant awake. The kids think it's hilarious that she naps, which causes disruptions. So it's one thing after another.

But at least I have a job.

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